They have too many different twitter and facebook handles. It can be difficult to keep track.

– Survey Respondent

Where is ALCTS online?

ALCTS is already using social media to connect with its members and other online users. However, it is important for ALCTS to know the effectiveness of their social media presence and learn about new opportunities to improve and better promote themselves. ALCTS’ social media goal is to increase and capture membership of a younger generation of LIS professionals. ALCTS currently has eight volunteers administrating their social media presence. There were a total of 13 social media accounts identified. ALCTS is using six Twitter accounts, two Facebook accounts, two Youtube accounts, two Google+ accounts, one Flickr account, and four ALA linked websites, although some platforms are far more active than others.

Account Platform Handle Followers
ALCTS Office Twitter @ALCTS 1546
Preservation Week Facebook 1126
Preservation Week Twitter @PreservationWk 944
ALCTS Office Facebook 812
ALCTS Continuing Education Twitter @ALCTS_CE 678
ALCTS Continuing Education Youtube 581
ALCTS CRG CE (Council Regional Groups) Twitter @alcts_crg_ce 440
ALCTS ARG (Affiliate Groups) Twitter @ALCTS_ARC 158
ALCTS New Members IG Twitter @ALCTS_NMIG 149
ALCTS New Members IG Facebook 117
ALCTS New Members IG LinkedIn 47
ALCTS Office LinkedIn 39
ALCTS ALA Midwinter Flickr 13
Association of Library Collections and Technical Services Flickr 2
Preservation Week Youtube 0


The most followed ALCTS social media account is the ALCTS Office Twitter (@ALCTS). The ALCTS Office Twitter posts daily. The posts focus almost exclusively on job opportunities and announcements, with the exceptions being during special promotions, such as the ALA Midwinter 2014 trivia contest. Preservation Week Twitter (@PreservationWk) is the second most followed Twitter account and its posts offer more varied content, with a focus on preservation. Posts include preservation webinars, suggestions, “Dear Donia” column links, Preservation Week celebrations, and events, such as the ALCTS presence at conferences. The Preservation Week Twitter account retweets content from other library associations about related topics. The Preservation Week Twitter shows more engagement with followers — more retweets, favorites, and replies.

The ALCTS Continuing Education Twitter (@ALCTS_CE) is another active account. The tweets include retweets of other followers’ posts of relevant information and news, webinars, job listings, and e-forums. Videos links from the ALCTS YouTube channel have been posted by this account. The ALCTS ARG twitter account retweets links to online resources, webinars, and articles related to preservation, collections, and cataloging, but there can be gaps in posting for several weeks. The ALCTS New Members IG Twitter posts every other day with volunteer opportunities in ALCTS, jobs listings, interview suggestions, grants and proposals, retweets from other ALCTS Twitter accounts, and Q&A for new members.


The ALCTS Preservation Week Facebook is the second most followed ALCTS social media  account. With 1,125 likes, Preservation Week Facebook has the most ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ posts of all the accounts overall. The content is similar to the Preservation Week twitter, but is usually rephrased to make it more appropriate to Facebook. The ALCTS Office also has a Facebook account that directly mirrors the ALCTS Office Twitter, with an identical focus on job listings. The third and final ALCTS Facebook page is the ALCTS New Member Interest Group (ANMIG). ANMIG has 117 likes and shares the same content of ALCTS New Members IG Twitter. Sometimes the posts are longer and reworded in Facebook, but the content is the same.

Other Platforms

ALCTS has two LinkedIn accounts: ALCTS New Members Interest Group and Association for Library and Technical Services. The New Members group was created in 2012 and has 47 members and 17 discussion posts. The ALCTS general group was created in 2013 and has 39 members and only one introduction post. There are also two Flickr accounts and two YouTube channels. Of these, the most active is the ALA Midwinter Flickr account, with 13 members and 79 posted photos. The ALCTS CE YouTube account hosts 165 videos with mixed content about cataloging, collection development, and other professionally-oriented topics.

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