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A little more ‘just for fun’ content might help me pay attention.

— Survey Respondent

Social media has become an essential tool to connect a community. It has become an unprecedented opportunity for outreach and user engagement. Libraries and library associations are beginning to understand the potential in social media channels and are slowly implementing it as an ongoing marketing strategic plan. The following social media best practices may help ALCTS make better use of their current social media presence.

Types of content survey participants found valuable (categories indicated by over 50% of respondents shown)

Types of content survey participants found valuable (only categories indicated by over 50% of respondents shown)

What to say

The survey asked participants to identify the types of social media content they find valuable. While “current trends in your field” was the most popular response, over seven different categories were identified by 50% or more of respondents, including networking with peers, updates on continuing education opportunities, job announcements, news about research and scholarship, fun content, and live coverage of events, such as conference sessions. This underscores the need for variety and personality when posting to social media.

Twelve Tips in Tweets

We have identified twelve successful best practices used by non-profits. These social media best practices include type of content, frequency of posting, and other essential tips to engage with users and make the most out of the social media presence.

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